We help reconcile technological progress with its impact on humanity.

JoyTech was created to help stem the epidemic in mental illness. It’s not enough to treat sick people, we want to explore the causes of depression and drivers of suicide to discover ways of coping and improving the way we all live. Technology is crucial to our cause and close to our hearts. The tech sector has the influence, the ingenuity and the money to alter humanity’s course.

Our simplified goal is to develop a unique understanding of what brings us joy and to discover technology that creates a whole lot more of it.


The JoyTech Organisation consists of four businesses:

  1. JoyTech Institute - to establish an unique knowledge base and source of insight to drive measurable change.
  2. JoyTech Resource - to provide a smart source of content that helps people cope with the impact of technology.
  3. JoyTech Consulting - to help the tech industry understand how it can change to have a more positive impact on society.
  4. JoyTech Ventures - to identify, support and facilitate development.


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